About Us


The idea for Urban Way Collective came about in our last journey around Europe and the North of Africa, where we felt the freedom of light travelling and easy commuting. Coming back from a fun and adventurous holiday is never easy, and to know we were coming back to our commuting life of driving a car every day, made the down feelings hit harder!

We know Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters have been quickly transforming the world’s commuting habits. And while this revolution may have taken a bit more time reaching Australian consumers, the worldwide micro-mobility movement is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon!

So, if you are like us ready to make that change and choose another way to move around your local community and bring more adventures to your life, ride along with us and join the world’s new commuting revolution.



We are an Aussie based business specialising in the sale of Electric Ride Solutions, Roller-skates, Commuting Accessories & Gadgets.
Inspired by adventurous and curious spirits, we focus on E-Transport and sustainable options that are starting to dominate the new direction of travelling. We are extremely excited to fill the world with new transport innovations.
We created Urban Way Collective for the city worker who is looking for alternative ways to save money, get through busy streets, try new and exciting ways to explore and experience the outdoors, become more fit, and if you are like us, looking for ways to reduce the world's carbon footprint.
Urban Way Collective aims to provide the best quality products at affordable prices, while contributing to the growth of a greener economy. 
Ready to turn the daily commute into an adventure…?