Commuting to Work? 
Here are 6 Must-Have Commuting Accessories for 2020

Whether you’re heading to work, uni or Tuesday's Zumba class, the daily commute can be more fun and better looking with the proper gear. So, ditch the dollar store bike lock and leave the ugly bike helmet your mom gave you for Christmas back in ’08 at home. It’s 2020 and you can do better.

Here are our 6 must have items for how to make your commute more exciting.


1. A Proper Commuting Helmet

Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer, as it is mandatory in all Australian states and... it’s simply stupid not to wear one. However, we get it. Uncomfortable helmets are the worst. The good news is there are plenty of options available for comfort - whether you like foldable, easy to carry options or more traditional shapes. Every head shape is unique, and with the sleek designs available today, patented and made to adjust to your head, you’ll be able to stay safe while looking and feeling the part. Do you want chargeable rear lights, recycled materials or a trendy colour that goes with your outfits? Not a problem, there’s plenty to choose from.


2. Travel-Friendly Bike Lock 

No day is as miserable as the day your bike is stolen, and heavy-duty bike locks are really the only way to properly secure your property. Cheap locks are mostly a scare tactic to ward of potential thieves, and it rarely works as all it takes is a bolt cutter and you’re toast. But surprise, heavy, backbreaking lock are a thing of the past, and in 2020 you don’t have to skip light-weight features to get heavy duty security. An example is the Magnum U-Lock, which features a combination of super-light, super-strong aluminium and magnesium alloys with ULAC Silicon over-moulded craftsmanship, basically making it the next step in the evolution of bike locks: a heavy duty lock, that’s so light it will fit in your back pocket, but so sturdy you won’t have to worry about theft anytime soon.


3. Rechargeable Electric Bicycle Pump 

A practical gift for yourself or a loved one, this electric bicycle pump functions not only as a pump, but as a power bank and light as well. It features an impressive 150PSI and accurate pressure control, enabling quick and easy inflations, should you ever find yourself on the road and in the need of inflation. It works for car tyres as well, as you simply preset the value of pressure, and your job is done as the machine automatically turns off when the target value is reached. Flat tires are one of those problems, that we never really take into account when commuting, until the day they actually occur. Big problems do not necessarily require big solutions, and this is your easy solution for the inevitable day that a flat tire will break your day.


4. Affordable Fitness Tracker Smartwatch 

Have you been eyeing a fitness smartwatch for your commute but can't find one in your price range? A fitness tracking smartwatch does not have to cost more than your bike. The Urban Way Collective stocks several brands of smartwatches that monitor both blood pressure and blood oxygen, providing critical information about your body that fitness apps just can't match. Be bold and go with a style that suits your mood - there are plenty to choose from with silica or metal adjustable strap options. 


5. Safe Visibility Neon Vest

A 2017 study on the effects of high visibility clothing, shows that accidents are 47% less likely to occur if you’re wearing high visibility clothing. That is a shocking statistic, and proves visibility vests can go a long way in keeping you safe. None of us should take any chances when it comes to our personal safety, especially at night, when a car may only have few meters of visibility ahead of them. Our Neon Vests come in a variety of colours and are built in a way that's much easier to put on than the vests you are used to. They're also more discreet, meaning that they will provide reflectiveness, but not make you look like you should be on a construction site instead of on your morning jog.


6. Shockproof Mount Phone Holder 

Stopping your bike to check your GPS is an avoidable annoyance, and with a Mount Holder, you can get full access to every smartphone feature, while on the go. It is completely shockproof, and comes with soft silicone bands so you don't have to worry about scratching your expensive smartphone. It’s designed to fit any smartphone with a screen size of 4 to 6.5 inches and is the perfect accessory for any rider!


We hope you enjoyed our Top 6 Commuting Accessories List for 2020. You can shop our full range of commuting accessories over on our Commuting Gear and Commuting Essentials lists. Enjoy free shipping in Australia across the entire range. 

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